The Alter Rebbe’s Inner Circle

Wednesday Nights 20:30 Israel Time

An in-depth look at the stories and personalities of the Alter Rebbe’s court. How did the first Chabad chassidim interact with the Rebbe and with each other? How were they affected by the events of the Alter Rebbe’s life and the situation of the Jewish community in Czarist Russia? How did they translate the ideals of Chabad chassidus into their own lives and their own Avodas Hashem? Together we will journey through the years of the Alter Rebbe’s leadership and meet these truly outstanding chassidim.

Part 1

“Setting the Scene: In the World of the Shtetl”

Part 2

“Setting the Scene Part 2: Chassidus in the Early Years”

Part 3

“Spreading the Wellsprings: The Leadership of The Maggid”