The Rebbes We Have Never Heard Of

Thursday Nights 20:00 Israel Time

“The Rebbes We Never Heard Of” was a recent Yom Hashoah program, spending an hour learning of lesser known Chassidic Masters who were killed in the Shoah.

We did not expect the outpouring of interest and desire for more. So that’s exactly what we did.

These are Rebbes whose lives were cut short in the horrible destruction which occurred in World War 2. Many of these giants had the chance to leave and flee, but would;’t dream of leaving their flock. Some died from tremendous heartbreak, after witnessing what their eyes saw or what their hearts felt was upcoming. They leave behind them tremendous legacies of Torah, of dreams and hope for Am Yisrael. In this course, we will be learning about their lives, their lineage and their teachings. All we ask is that you look into their eyes while we learn about them.

Some of these Tzaddikim we may have heard of, but their stories are unknown.

Part 1

“Reb Shmuel Shlomo of Radzin”

Part 2

“Reb Shlomo Chanoch Hakohen Rabinowitz of Radomsk”

Part 3

“Reb Shem Klinberg – Part 1”