Welcome to The Shlomo Katz Project

Awareness of Self & Closeness to HaShem


Torah, Music & Experience

The Shlomo Katz Project is the culmination of years of personal work and commitment to bringing the light of Torah into the lives of people in a real and meaningful way through music, teachings, trips and more. The Project aims to provide an ever expanding library of resources and experiential opportunities with the intention of building authentic relationships and forging closeness between individuals, communities and HaShem. The project is built on four fundamental pillars. These pillars are the foundations of the teachings, the music and the experiences that we develop and provide. We believe that strengthening the connection to each one of these pillars reveals and empowers self awareness with the ultimate purpose of revealing HaShem’s light in the world. Join us as we build together.

Our Four Pillars

Creating resources, programs, shiurim, study groups and experiential opportunities in order to understand and develop our relationship with HaShem through the Torah, Jewish History and Eretz Yisrael inspired by the mesorah, teachings, music and leadership of Rabbi Shlomo Katz.

Increased truth and light will be revealed in the world through a unique combination of pinimiyus of Torah, music and experiences facilitated by our teachers under the leadership of Rav Shlomo Katz.

We value, nurture and seek to empower every person in order to encourage authenticity, connection and growth.