The Farbrengen

Farbrengen (fɑ:r-breɪng-ɪn) n. 1. Yiddish for “spending time together.” 2. an informal, inspirational chassidic gathering where words of Torah are shared and melodies are sung over refreshments and spirits.


What does it mean to be part of a Farbrengen? What should one expect to experience? There are many different ways we can spend time together, but when we come together for the purpose of ‘dibbuk chaverim’, friends getting closer to one another, there is no limit to where the connection can reach. A number of months ago, right before Corona began, a number of us gathered together in the home of a dear friend of ours, Arye Leib (Lewis) Weinger. We gathered together for one main purpose – to simply farbreng. no agenda, other than ‘being together’. We captured the evening on film, and are honored to share it with you.

Part 1 – Shabbos Kodesh

Part 2 – The Evolution of Yehi Shalom

Part 3 – An Everlasting Love

Part 4 – Vehakohanim & Rav Kook

Part 5 – A Fire Burns in Breslov

Part 6 – Mi Ani

Part 7 – Anapoli

I would like to host a Farbrengen with my Chaverim