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Singing Together

40 Years 40 Songs

A Project of Light and Gratitude

We are so excited to announce this ambitious project to produce and release 40 new songs. Music is a vehicle for the expression of the soul and it reflects the never-ending depth of its source.  With this project we hope to inspire and bring new energy to the souls of Am Yisrael.

Join us on this Journey of Music & Light

I would like to support The Shlomo Katz Project by making a donation to support the 40 years 40 song campaign. 

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The Albums

Thursday Sessions ~ מושבי חמישי

New music meditations in our Thursday morning Chebura. Rav Shlomo Katz and Tom Schiffour on guitar and vocals accompanied by various others from the chevre on different days. Enjoy these unique and special moments

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Davening and singing together to express our love and connection to HaShem with live tefillot events, Hallels, special events and much more.


Music is the cornerstone of The Shlomo Katz Project. Rav Shlomo’s deeply moving and connected style of music and teaching opens the hearts of all who hear.


Live music events and concerts are so much more than entertainment. Come and sing together with hundreds of people, grow and be inspired.