Mrs. Shoshana Judelman

Morah & Women's Mashpia

Shoshana Judelman is passionate about teaching Torah and Jewish History.  She grew up in Livingston, New Jersey but has also lived in Manhattan, Perth (Australia), and Pittsburgh.  In 2013, she made Aliyah with her husband and children to Efrat. On the academic side, she holds a BA in History from Union College (Schenectady, NY) and an MA in Jewish History from Columbia University (NY, NY). 

Shoshana’s lifestyle changed in the 1990’s when she began learning Chassidus. Since then, Shoshana has continuously looked for opportunities to teach and connect through Torah and to enable others to be inspired by Chassidus. Shoshana was a high school History and Jewish Studies teacher for many years in all of the different communities in which she lived. In each place that she lived, she also taught Torah and Chassidus to the women of the community. 

Shoshana is currently teaching in Efrat and is also a guide at Yad Vashem. She believes that understanding our history strengthens our roots and enables us to grow into the future from a place of connection. Shoshana hopes that TSKP will be a doorway through which women will come to learn and grow together.  She looks forward to helping members of the TSKP community explore their own unique roots, abilities and challenges through the light of Torah in general and Chassidus in particular.


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