Submit my Tefillah

Creating and writing tefillot is one of the most powerful ways to integrate the Torah that you learn. By doing this you create a vessel to move the life, energy and wisdom of the Torah from your mind to your heart where it can nurture your soul.

By encouraging people to write publishing their tefillot it opens the door for individual growth while empowering others to find their unique expression of the Torah they learn. This effort is a cornerstone of The Shlomo Katz project and a fundamental step of bring Torah to life in the hearts of people.

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Please give us the name you would like to submit as the author of the tefillah - you can say anonymous if you would like.
Please tell us the Torah you learned or the situation that inspired your tefillah.
Please share your tefillah. By submitting your tefillah to us you are giving us permission to publish your tefillah online and or in print.