Ahavat Olam, Nice To Meet You

Elokeinu, Ve’elokei Avoteinu

The desire of the collective soul to reintroduce itself to the siddur is stronger than ever

A book, filled with words not written by me

And yet, I trust that those who wrote these prayers had me in their hearts, souls and minds.

Nevertheless, there is no exemption for me to produce my own pre/post morning, afternoon and evening heart pouring.

But right before I take that on, I sit here, with hope and prayers for compassion

Let me look at the words I have been uttering for years… just one more time

As night comes we are greeted by the words ‘Ahavat Olam Beit Yisrael Amcha Ahavata’

Ribbono shel Olam, I’m now choosing to say these words for the first time – accompanied with my own tone, hearing my own voice

Ahavat Olam Beit Yisrael Amcha Ahavta

The love that exists in the entire universe is a taste of the love which you have for me and for the people I was chosen to be born into

I must admit, I have rarely thought of these words like this. It doesn’t feel or sound too ‘from’… but in it’s essence, there is nothing more ‘frummer’ than allowing these precious words to melt my heart, awaken my soul, and excite our future together


V’ahavatcha Al Tasir Mimeno L’eolamim

May it be your will to never remove that love from “it” – from the covenant my grandfather Avraham made with you

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