Safe But Not Free

Safe But Not Free

How do I even begin to pour out my heart to you, Master of all things. My heart feels so full, my yearning to be near to you is unending. I want more, not because I have earned it, not because I feel even that I deserve it… I want more because my life depends on it. My life depends on intimacy with you, the lover of my soul. Help me to return to my true nature, to return to my source – oneness with you the Divine Light that sustains all of creation by your ratzon.

Please help me to continue to do the work, to tear down the walls of my heart and therefore my mind. Help me to never be complacent or to feel “good enough”. I desire you, I desire to see you revealed in the hearts of men, in a real way, in a transformative way. Open my heart to know that your Torah should be a light, a plow of self discovery into my heart and into the hearts of all of my brothers and sisters. That the Torah should be used to free us to become what we were created to be and that your light will shine through us into the world.

Give us the strength, and the will to never allow the Torah to become our prison – a prison of comfort and conformity. A prison that allows us to be feel safe but not free. Please Abba give me the strength to find true freedom in you Torah – a freedom to serve you in truth and authenticity. Give me the courage to dive deeply into myself to find you – to experience you, to run to you in all of my ways. Open my heart that I may serve you and that I will be a vessel to receive and to give your light into the world.

I love you – I love that I know you love me, I believe in you with complete faith – I know that you believe in me. Please Giver of Life – BREATHE with me – let me continue to feel you all around me, in me. I am grateful, calm & steady – Forever and ever yours, your servant, your son, your partner –

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