HaShem, Only You

Only you know how bad I desire to be the man you created me to be.  I truly desire to work together to mold me into the vessel you want me to be, a vessel that will allow your light into myself, my family, my community, and the whole world around me. 

Please HKB bless me to truly love my brothers in the most simple way like a child – help me to not allow my negative emotions to be triggered on myself and not to activate against my brothers.  Please HaShem help me to love and to see my brothers in the way that I desire you to see me.  I desire that you focus on my strengths and that my short comings are not the focus of our relationship.  Please give me the strength to never allow my perception of others short comings to influence the way that I love them or treat them.  

Forgive me for ever doing this, for ever allowing this weakness into my life – this is not the man I want to be – help me to change and to be stronger.  Thank you so mush Abba for giving us the holy shabbos that teaches us the laws of Borer – that gives us the weekly training ground to be conscious.  Thank you for teaching me in shabbos that when I approach a mixture I can only take what is good and that my focus and attention must only be on the good and what I desire.  Help me to apply this to the way that I see others, that I will be able to acknowledge that we are all mixtures, but in the state of Shalem, of wholeness, the state of Shabbos that I pass over the bad and undesirable traits and focus on the good traits the true emet of the soul that we all share. 

Please HKB help me not to live a reactive life, help me to have the strength to choose and to be awake. To never hold one of my brothers in the prison of my perceptions or to cause them pain by being reactive to the “debts” they owe.

Thank you so much HaShem for giving us the ability to pray, the ability to clarify our hearts through conversation with you.  Please help me always to cry out to you and to speak with you with openness and vulnerability.  I love you and am grateful to be in this life with you.

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