Believing in Hashem’s Belief in Us

Hashem, Master of the Universe, who created and is creating each one of us, You have brought every single one of us to life in order to contribute a unique light and a unique journey to the story of this world.  You, who gives us the strength to keep moving forward, please help us to have the will to not look to the side at others and compare ourselves to them.  Every time I compare myself and try to be like someone else, I close myself off from seeing and connecting to my true light. Each time I compare myself, I am dismissing Your desire to have me in this world.  Every time I compare myself, I am denying the world the unique products of my neshama.  

When my path crosses another person’s path, please help me to recognize and appreciate their contributions, strengths, good intentions and perspectives without trying to raise myself up through lowering them.  Please help me to not use defenses and shame shields out of fear that what I am doing is not good enough in comparison.  Please help me to understand that the world needs all of us.  Give me the strength me to give space for other opinions and ideas without trying to prove myself and my own worthiness in response.

HaShem, Creator of the world, please give us the strength to carry out Your will by believing in ourselves, by knowing that each one of us has essential qualities that the world needs right now.  Please help us to use these qualities and abilities to bring us all to a deeper, more connected place, a place of empathy and compassion, healing and encouragement, and strength through wholeness. 

Please help us to see that the more we live lives of truth and open-heartedness, the more in touch we will be with the part of each one of us that is You and the more we will see that, truly, we are all part of one body.  Just as a body needs so many different parts to function, so too does Am Yisrael need every single one of us- to be and give and do that which You put us here to do.

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