Parashat Shemot – Powerful Screams

Parashat Shemot – Powerful Screams

Rebbe Nachman Says: “It is very good to pour out your thoughts before God like a child pleading before his father. God calls us His children, as it is written (Devarim 14:1), “You are children to God.” Therefore, it is good to express your thoughts and troubles to God like a child complaining and pestering his father.” – Sichos HaRan.

Sometimes we need to scream, it is good for the soul – In the Zohar HaKodesh it is written that “in Egypt our speech was in exile.” We had forgotten how to use our speech in a way that had positive power to create change. Our words became narrow and our emotions became stuck inside.

Because of this exile, the redemptive process began when we finally started to groan and to scream. The scream was more powerful than any words that we could have come to at that point. The scream was the transformation of “narrowness of exiled speech to the ‘speech’ of bitul, the end of self”.

This is the power of the scream, when we reach a place of yearning in our souls that is so great that we can no longer bare the chains of exile and narrowness and we mamash know that the only way out is not through our own cunning but through complete bitul to HaShem.

With Emuna we can scream out to our loving father from the place of narrowness of speech – this is the birthplace of bitul and redemption.

The power of our screams, the power of Geulah is nullification of self and the broken space where we no long can “figure it out”

I bless us to have stillness and confidence that the aching screams that come from our Neshama are not weakness but deep bitul and ratzon to witness our own personal Geulah, the ultimate Geulah for Am Yisrael and the light of that redemption to shine “radiance” of Emet into the world for all men to know HaShem.

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