Tetzave 5780 – The Oil of Passion

Tetzave 5780 – The Oil of Passion

When someone has a ‘burning desire’, one can either be a fire that destroy worlds or it can be used as fiery passion to create holiness. 

Reb Nachman explains in Likutei Moharan (#156) that since fire can wipe out and burn away all that stands between man and his creator, it can also warm up passionate holy fire, which is a must when it comes to serving G-d. 

So what exactly is this fire, how does one start it? 

When our portion opens up with G-d’s request for Ahron Hakohen to light the Menora, we get a clearer picture as to what kind of fire we are looking for, and why it was necessary for Ahron to be the one to light. Rashi brings the Gemara which describes the type of passion and fire that will lead us to the great day. ‘Shalhevet Ha’ola Me’eileha’, a fire whose flame grows from within.

Ahron Hakohen is the one who knows how to light this fire. His whole being in the world was devoted to the sacred service in the mishkan and later in the Holy Temple. But he also knew how to serve G-d ‘Uvelechtecha Baderech’, outside of the holy. He could awaken the ‘Kodesh’ within people by being himself, inspiring all he came in contact with to strive for hearts of purity. Furthermore, Ahron also knew the secret of ‘Me’eileha’. This is the secret of ‘within’, the need for us to light our own fires and learn how to keep our own flames going. 

Our own individual passion is the only oil which can be used to light up our own souls forever. A real teacher is one who is able to connect his/her student to their own menorah. May we merit to find that teacher who directs to the source of the holy type of fire which can never be extinguished.

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