Everything in Life is a Bracha

Everything in life is a bracha, everything is beautiful, everything is good. At least, that is what we are supposed to work on believing.

If so, how could our parsha open up by saying “Behold I am placing before you a blessing and a curse”? Does G-d place curses before us?

One of the other pesukim in our parsha enables us to understand in a deeper way.

The Torah speaks about widening borders: Ki Yarchiv Hashem Elokecha Lecha Et Gvulcha, “When Hashem enlarges your territory…”(Devarim 12:20). We learn here that the Torah is not just speaking about physical borders, but rather other types of borders as well- like the borders of what you think you are capable of doing in this world.

A cursed life is a life where it feels like the borders with which you were born are your limits throughout life. That type of life is choking and depressing, it doesn’t go anywhere, it doesn’t grow.

The blessing of life is to see that everything that happens to us is a chance to grow and widen our borders.

So is everything good, is everything beautiful?

Everything is a bracha because everything is an opportunity for the widening of borders. But if you don’t feel like G-d can do anything, like He can even enable you to grow in this way, then your life becomes a curse.

I bless us all with a widening of our borders. I bless us to realise that having a constant relationship with Hashem always presents before us the notion that what once felt impossible can become possible.

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