An Intoxication of Love

ריבונו של עולם

I never knew the meaning of love, until the moment I met my first newborn child. At that moment, Hashem, you taught me what it means to love goodness. To love for no reason at all. To want to give only in order to enhance what is already good. To understand that at its source, this love is an extension of me, within me and surrounding me all at the same time. As the years passed and You continued to gift me with precious souls, I continued to be privileged to experience what it means to be surrounded by Your shechina, as each birth became another intoxication of love.

As parents, each and every one of us knows that the most painful moments of parenthood are those moments when our children can not get along, those ugly moments we witness never cease to break our hearts. But how beautiful it is in the moments when they care for and look out for one another, when there is true harmony. In those moments our hearts melt and we are filled with an indescribable joy.

Hashem, You have given us the blueprint of Your desire. It is the exact desire that each one of us has within. Why would the Creator of this world, our own Father in Heaven want anything less of us? Each one of us is Your intoxication of love. In Your eyes, you can clearly see the good that is us. That newborn child always exists in Your eyes. In order for us to really love, we must dig a bit deeper, and when we dig away the husk we see the love in ourselves and in the ones around us.

May we always be privileged to see one another as that newborn child, precious, perfect and irreplaceable.
May this love be contagious and may it grow like a storm stronger and stronger spreading wider from its epicenter of Your holy land into every crevice of Your world. May it engulf us and consume us as our hearts are filled with an enormous light that shines into a oneness that gives You true pleasure in us. May this love have the power to ingather all Your children. As we hold on to one another, may we be privileged to see the final redemption ברחמים together as one.

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