A Tefila for Clarity

ריבונו של עולם,

May it be Your will to shower down on me words of truth and love.
From Your gorgeous light bring forth the ability to turn precious words into a tefila that gives You pleasure in me, in Your nation and in all of humanity.  
Lift us above this world, a little higher, to a realm above the one we are physically experiencing.  Teach us how to rise above the physical, above separateness so that we can love and unite in the way that our hearts, our souls yearn.     Connect every one of us in a dance of pureness with love for one another.  Refine our minds to see that every person is in truth an extension of ourselves. But most importantly allow us to see ourselves and all that surrounds us as an extension of You, our Beloved.  

How do we hold on to אמת ?
How do we hold on to You as this world begins to vibrate in an intensity that is not recognizable to any of us?

Every one of us is holding onto what we believe is Your light. But it seems as if there aren’t any cracks through which the light can clearly seep down. It is difficult to actually see where to grab on to the lifeline you are sending down. And so we find ourselves grabbing at it blindly trying to get what ever we can from it.

But If only we believed that we could ascend up the rays.
If only we had the courage to look up at these rays, we might see that at its source, only One ray exists.

If we can just ascend higher we can have togetherness, we can hold on together to the Source of all unity.  

We scream up in hopes to shake the heavens.  We scream to You, to our holy Forefathers, to our righteous Tsaddikim to descend down like the מלאכים in Yaakov’s dream.
We plead  for  them to come to our rescue and allow us to ride on their backs in order to climb up to a higher realm.

Bring us back אבא

Send down our Tzadikim to bring us back to You.

We beg, we truly beg from the depths of our souls to have clarity and understanding of Your messages.

You’ve been preparing us-

Privilege us to stand together right now – there is no other way!

Widen our vision to see the bigger picture.
Widen our vision so that we could understand the message of One truth.
Guide us to cry out the way our forefathers did in מצרים , to cry out in a way that will get Your attention.  
Make it clear to us that this intensity is here in order to bring to fruition Your ultimate plan for a Glorious Geula.

With each day that passes, life as we know it is evaporating.

The more chaos – the closer we get?

Can we dare to really and truly believe?
Can we dare to beg for the sky to split open?
Can we dare to beseech You not to leave anyone behind?
Should we?
Must we?

After 2000 years Hashem, daring to do so is quite frightening.  

It’s so very painful to watch this pain, all the ruin, the confusion.  

So scared to make a move,
Scared to say what’s in the heart.

Do we dare to say the words: come home?

Do we dare to say come home spiritually with a cry of teshuva?

Do we dare to say come home physically to Your Precious land?

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